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Chicago is a global city with vibrant, diverse neighborhoods and strong civic cultures. It’s here, the new tech mecca in the mid-west, where innovative youth and adult programs will match 21st century opportunities.

Paragon GIF invests early in people and innovations that reflect sustainable, real-world opportunities in technology, business, and career transformation training that combines interactive cultural relationships and community. It’s the purpose of Paragon GIF to promote our brand of services and active engagements by developing skilled human resources within many low-income communities to thrive and prosper through Exploration and Participation. At Paragon GIF, we’re one of the first to pioneer community youth with hands-on tech-based training. Our organization is dedicated to programs that inspire youth and young adults with skills, entrepreneurialism, activity and adventure programs. Paragon GIF public and private partnerships, as a B2B provider, support initiatives that work with our employer/partners and community organization. Sustainable learning and long-term delivery strategies that keep our youth and adult participants competitive. In addition to exciting tech learning Paragons GIF, travel abroad initiatives continues to “wow” our participants to see the FUN in learning.

As a resilient 501c3 organization, we at Paragon Global Initiative Foundation depend on partnerships that work, and your contribution to our community efforts help create a more equitable Chicago.

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Code of Ethics 

As a resilient 501c3 organization, we at Paragon Global Initiative Foundation depend on partnerships that work, and your contribution to our community efforts helps create a more equitable Chicago.

  • Commit Paragon to the public as a good and valuable member organization for society, promoting sustainability in change and the need to be commited and accountabe to the people we serve.
  • To encourage and inspire by example, the many opportunities in work, home, relationships, and recreation; and respect for diversity. 


Timelessness is Enlightenment to the World Who you Are. The pursuit of knowledge, building cultural relationships and developing one’s inquisitive, analytical mind widens the pathways of growth for self and society.

Philanthropy Youth and Adult, Education

Paragon GIF focuses its grant-giving in areas of tech and business education; our interest is improving literacy that compliments; Science, Technology, Electronics, and Math (STEM) education. Awards are designed to help educators plan, present, and continue to attend professional development sessions. Students may be awarded $2,000-$5,000. Paragon GIF learning initiatives are designed to complement our curriculums involving participation activities and real-world experiences to improve students’ human relationships, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Paragon GIF offers trainer-provider programs to adults to aid leaders of certified schools and nonprofit organizations in their training programs as Paragon GIF Contract Trainer Providers.

Annually awards are bestowed to those leaders who make a difference in the lives of students, their schools, and communities. 

STEM Education

Diverse Science, Technology, Electronic, and Math learning to build creative thinking and develop the use of transformational learning skills.

Business Development

Learning critical entrepreneurial skills that include partnerships with businesses, organizations, and agencies, promoting advancement and advocacy.

Travel Abroad

Time is a precious resource not to be wasted. Traveling allows one growth to explore, to learn about self and the world, cultivating people in many ways.

Exposure / Participation

Programs designed to introduce youth and adults to the excitement of learning new active sports for adventure and excitement.