Line Of High School Students Working at Screens In Computer Class

Paragon Study Institute

Engagements in education have been rooted in Paragon GIF’s cultural and work history since 2001, our earliest efforts to administer tech and business-based learning programs. Paragon GIF’s practices through learning have yielded our organization a better understanding of our place in communities we’ve served and delivery of programs that represent sustainable far into 21st-century with opportunities throughout the world. Paragon GIF has design programs, and it’s delivery points designed to fit employers needs, build community, and develop a positive lifestyle need.


Paragon GIF approach to innovative learning complements traditional learning for youth and adults. While our “Genesis” STEM programs are for youth tech learners our aim is to introduce and inspire technology as visual and hands-on experience, our efforts are to promote critical thinking. Kids ages 8 -15 years of age may participate. A valuable lesson is taught and learned about careers in tech and what characteristics are needed to flourish in today’s learning for tomorrow’s technology markets.

“Exposure and Participation”

Rethink and reimagine methods of problem-solving; they both start with the foundation of learning. Exposure allows a revelation to take place, building the character and identity of Paragon Studies Institute program’s attendee.

Participation is the exciting action of taking part. Together, Exposure and Participation builds the whole of a person’s approach and mythology toward the desired outcome. This Paragon program incorporates “Fun” in learning with local excursions and travel abroad adventures. From scuba diving and aviation to horseback riding and auto racing.

Solving specific problems through innovations from a foundation of adding fun to learning is Paragon GIF’s goal.